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Bricktown Popcorn can help your school, church group or organization earn the extra money it needs.  It's easy, convenient and fun, plus you'll have the opportunity to enjoy high dollar profit potential from sales of our hand-crafted artisan popcorn.  Just think of how you'll use the extra funds!  Our programs are extremely popular, highly efficient and totally hassle free. We invite you to try our delicious popcorn and consider the many benefits of our successful, fundraising programs.


Request a Fundraiser Information Kit - Visit with your popcorn concierge at or call (515) 635-1975.

We offer fundraising opportunities through pre-order forms and pre-packaged popcorn. 

Bricktown Popcorn Fundraiser photo of group.

Traditional Pre-Sell

Take orders, pay later.

Your organization is given our order forms to sell to co-worker, church, family, friends, etc., 50% of what you sell goes back to your organization.

Our order forms include our most popular flavors in bags.

  1. Get forms & take orders.

  2. Purchase the popcorn.

  3. Distribute the popcorn, keep the profit!

Popcorn by the Carton

Buy in bulk, keep the profits.

Organizations are also eligible to sell pre-packed popcorn from Bricktown Popcorn.


The proceeds are yours to keep! 


  1. Purchase the popcorn.

  2. Sell the popcorn.

  3. Keep the cash!

Spirit Night

Send them to us!

Your organization has a "Spirit Night" and Bricktown Popcorn will designate a day, usually Friday or Saturday.


People supporting your organization come in to our store, mention your organization, and 20% of their sale is donated to your organization.

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